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Why is synthetic grass a popular choice?

Why is synthetic grass a popular choice?

Artificial grass or synthetic grass is a product made from nylon or polypropylene. It is used in areas where maintenance of natural grass is a problem due to water shortage.

People also go in for the aesthetic look of the artificial grass and their soft structure. They have many benefits that include

Designs: The roof gardens in the residential or commercial properties are now opting for artificial grass mainly because of its varied designs. On the other hand landscaping with artificial grass is increasing at a faster rate because it allows water to drain into the ground below.  Larger commercial properties are replacing natural grass with the features of synthetic ones that are irresistible. The advanced versions of landscaping have never been this better.

Appeal: The synthetic grass manufacturers bring out their products that are much the same way as carpets. The imitation grass is soft and natural looking giving the well maintained garden appeal and the same pleasure got from natural grass. They are durable and have a longer lifespan. You do not need to water them or spend time on the lawnmower.


Higher the cost of grass better quality of synthetic that is offered by the sellers. The durability also depends on the material used. The price range or charges depending on the area and is anywhere between 150 to 450 rupees per square meter in India. Rates vary from country to country and sole on the advanced designs provided by the companies that manufacture them. The cost includes the installation charges as it has to be done professionally to secure proper water run-off allowing water to drain into the ground.

 Cleaned easily: Artificial lawns can be easily cleaned when leaves and other debris can be raked off with little effort. Water is still required to clean it properly but the quantity is negligible. The owners of synthetic grass find them cost effective especially during summer when temperatures soar forcing them to look for alternative ways to maintain natural lawns.

Indoor: The benefits of using artificial grass outdoor is not just limited to outdoor but you can also own one inside as it is not muddy. It can also be installed on walls to give a new look and you don’t need to have a green thumb to keep them alive.

Increased applications: However apart from being used on residential lawns the synthetic grass companies are open to commercial applications of this popular product. The artificial turf is in huge demand that they have benefactors from sports sectors such as stadiums and golf turf, race course and so on. Many are making partial use of the artificial turf to avoid dead or yellowed grass and they don’t have to be trimmed either.

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